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Permanent Makeup Corrections -Permanent-Makeup-London-Ombre-brow

Treatments Length – First Session 2 Hours Second session 4-12 weeks later 1 hour
Back To Work – Straight away or after 24 hours
Results Visible – Immediately / Fully completed 14 days after the second appointment
Full Recovery – 10 to 14 days till fully healed
Duration Of Results – Yearly colour boost recommended
What to Expect – very temporary: slight swelling or redness, irritation, bruising and scabbing possible
Risks – This very routine procedure has minimal to no risk
Aftercare – Our expertly trained practitioner will provide complete aftercare instructions, and you will leave with all the products necessary to look after your new tattoo.

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Permanent Makeup Corrections

Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements every case is dealt with individually. Please try to include as much information as possible about the area you are looking to correct as well as providing some pictures. 

The correction of Permanent Make Up procedures originally carried out by other technicians, which clients feel are unsatisfactory, can – subject to a consultation – be corrected. 

Permanent Cosmetics that have healed the wrong colour can often be corrected by pigmenting with a corrective colour but may require several sessions and more regular touch ups to achieve the desired results. 

Corrections of shape or symmetry are possible in some cases, depending on the severity and the thickness of the work to be corrected. 

In a lot of cases it might not be possible to correct Permanent Cosmetics in this way and Colour Lift or in extreme cases Laser removal might be the only option. 


perfect results

Let's talk more about Permanent Makeup Corrections

Colour Lift

If you are disappointed with the shape of your permanent make up or it is too dark or has changed colour after receiving treatment elsewhere, we can fade out or lighten the pigment using a special lightening solution.

Once the colour has been removed or lightened enough we can start building a new brow that’s specifically designed to your requirements.

Unfortunately due to many badly trained technicians with insufficient in depth knowledge who offer permanent make up at ridiculously cheap prices that are often carried out with cheap or unregulated needles or pigments. Colour lift treatments have unfortunately become more and more necessary.

If you were unfortunate enough to have had a bad experience please get in touch for an in depth consultation.

We will be there for you at every step of the way from advice over lightening / removal and then the recreation of the new brows, lips, liner etc.

If we for whatever reason think that we can’t help you we will refer you to one of our trusted laser removal specialists.

Check our blog if you want to learn more about procedures!

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