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Welcome to your new look!

Are you tired of the hours wasted applying eyebrow pencil, lip and eyeliner?

Have you over plucked your eyebrows within an inch of their life or do you struggle to apply eyeliner neatly?

Our highly skilled, fully qualified Specialist Practitioners will be able to give you a bespoke treatment in any of our high end clinic locations. Our Practitioners are trained to elite level and are internationally recognised throughout the industry. All clinics are council registered and fully insured.


From Microblading brows, Hairstroke brows, Ombré brows to a Combination brow (hairstrokes and shading), everything is possible.

If you want to add definition to your eyes, are fed up with smudge eyeliner, struggle to apply it yourself, have watery eyes or are allergic to regular Make Up this could be the answer for you.

Lip procedures are a fantastic alternative to more invasive procedures like Botox, Fillers and surgery to achieve slightly fuller more even looking lips.

For a lot of patients that have suffered with traumatic surgeries it is very important to reduce scars and visible marks as much as possible by camouflaging them, to allow the client to regain their confidence and restore a level of normality.

Permanent Cosmetics that have healed the wrong colour can often be corrected by pigmenting with a corrective colour but may require several sessions and more regular touch ups to achieve the desired results.

If you are disappointed with the shape of your permanent make up or it is too dark or has changed colour after receiving treatment elsewhere, we can fade out or lighten the pigment using a special lightening solution.

You will be surprised, but many men also look for solutions to thinning, sparse or uneven eyebrows so that they still look natural but “manly”.

Brow treatment for men with individual hairstrokes can help achieve a fuller, denser, more even looking brow.

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