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Let Julia Give You Wings

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We’ve all stood in front of a mirror, eyeliner poised, with our hands shaking just a little bit. It’s a wonder that any of it goes in the right place at all, and creating the perfect wing can seem almost impossible some days. So, how do you get that perfect eyeliner look day after day?

Permanent Eyeliner: Effortless Elegance

The simple answer is through permanent Makeup. Even the best of us cannot create a precise and identical look each day, so the only way to keep your eyeliner consistent is by leaving it there permanently.

Julia O’Dwyer, a recognised expert in the field of Permanent Makeup, offers a range of eyeliner styles designed to suit you perfectly. With her keen eye for aesthetics, she thoughtfully considers the shape of your eyes and your facial features to determine the ideal shape and size of the line. Not only that but your unique skin tone and hair colour become essential guides in choosing the perfect shade. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a bold statement, Julia’s expertise ensures your eyeliner reflects your personality and style.

Julia is your go-to professional when it comes to the elusive art of eyeliner wings. Achieving symmetry between the two wings is often challenging, even for the most skilled individuals. This is precisely where Julia’s meticulous approach stands out. Before starting the treatment, she measures, plans, and marks out every detail. This guarantees accuracy and allows you to provide your input and ensure your satisfaction. Once the specifics are confirmed, Julia initiates the Permanent Makeup procedure. The result? Beautiful eyeliner that won’t smudge or fade, giving you the perfect winged look every single morning.

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup, often “cosmetic tattooing”, offers long-lasting results that enhance your natural beauty. Despite its name, it’s not quite as permanent as it sounds, making it a flexible solution for various cosmetic needs.

Here’s how the process works: Julia ensures your comfort by numbing the treatment area after finalising your preferred design and style. Using a sterile single-use needle, she carefully implants pigment beneath the upper layers of your skin. These pigments, usually made from iron oxide or other organic or inorganic substances, are chosen for their compatibility with your skin and reduced risk of reactions.

The duration of the treatment session varies based on the complexity of the procedure. Following your initial appointment, a touch-up session is recommended after 4-12 weeks to fine-tune and optimise the results. As part of your aftercare routine, you’ll receive a healing balm to prevent skin dryness, which you’ll apply until your skin has fully healed.

Initially, your permanent eyeliner may appear bolder than expected due to the healing process. It takes a few weeks for the colour to settle into its natural hue, after which you’ll enjoy the enhanced look for up to two years. To maintain the vibrancy and freshness of the colour, periodic colour boost treatments are required.

With an extensive background in the world of Permanent Makeup, Julia O’Dwyer has earned multiple awards and garnered a loyal clientele. Her skilful expertise and dedication to your satisfaction make her the ultimate choice for your Permanent Makeup needs. Ready to redefine your look with Julia’s expertise? Schedule your consultation now and experience the transformative power of permanent Makeup.

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