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Treatments Length – 30 minutes
Back To Work – Straight away
What to Expect – A dermatology report will be emailed after 48-72 hours.
Aftercare – A treatment plan or referral to nearby dermatology clinic will be provided.

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In many cases in the field of cosmetic dermatology it will be necessary to investigate certain skin concerns with a professional dermatologist before we can carry out treatments to the affected area.

This can be checking if a skin tag is just a harmless skin tag that can be removed or if it shows abnormalities for which you should be referred to a local dermatologist to seek further expert advice or to make sure that dry and flaky patches are merely superficial and can be treated with cosmeceuticals or have an underlying cause that will require professional prescribed pharmaceuticals.

There will be no need for you to travel to another clinic, we can carry out all necessary non invasive tests right here, forward our findings online to our remote dermatologist who then will reply with a full written report within 48 hours to us and we will forward this to you.

If the report comes back clear we can go ahead and schedule your treatment as planned and if there should be any reasons for the dermatologist to recommend further investigation he will provide you with his initial results and give you a direct referral to a dermatology clinic near you.

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