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Wellness Injections

The Benefits of Wellness Injections

At this time of year, it is only natural that we can start to feel a little lethargic and run down. We can often feel as though we are lacking energy, especially when we are busy and our bodies are trying to fight off colds and flu bugs too. Feeling as though your get up and go got up and went can be a sign that your body is lacking some important vitamins, so booking wellness injections can be a great way to rebalance your body and health.

perfect results

Let's talk more about Wellness Injections

What are wellness injections?

Wellness injections contain vital vitamins that your body might be running short of. This might be due to your diet or simply a lack of sunlight and so can help to restore your natural vitamin levels. Julia’s wellness injections include vitamins B12, D, C and H.

Vitamin B12 keeps blood and nerve cells healthy as well combatting tiredness and weakness. Our bones, teeth and muscles are kept healthy by vitamin D, whilst vitamin C protects cells and helps with healing. Vitamin H is not as well known as some of the others, but it is often used to help strengthen the hair and nails. All of these vitamins can be very effective in boosting your health and energy levels as well as your mood and many people can feel the benefits of them almost immediately. 

Quicker results

You might be used to taking supplements to help boost your vitamin levels, but as these can take time to pass through your digestive system, sometimes weeks or even months, with some of the vitamins getting lost in the process, the results can be slow. A wellness injection allows your body to absorb all of the vitamins and nutrients immediately, meaning that you will start to feel the effects much quicker.

Fire on all cylinders

There is a lot to do at this time of year, and many of us can feel as though we are chasing our tails, which means we need to feel as though we are firing on all cylinders. Wellness injections can give your body and natural and instant boost. Instead of waiting for lifestyle changes or supplements to kick in, you can give your body what it needs to make you efficient, lively and energetic straight away.


It might seem as though things such as supplements are a cheaper option but when you consider how much of what they contain is lost, and how long they take to work, they can be a bit of a false economy. As your body absorbs between 75% and 100% of your wellness injection compared with just 30% from oral supplements, you will get much greater benefits for your money.

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