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Skin Tag Removal

Many people suffer from skin tags, and they can be largely ignored. Whilst skin tags tend to be harmless, those people who have them can find that they are unsightly or could be painful if they are caught or scratched. It is for that reason that many people choose to have them removed, but this needs to be done safely and hygienically in a professional environment.

Julia O’Dwyer offers a professional skin tag removal service to make sure that this can be done for you quickly and effectively.

What is a skin tag?

A skin tag is simply a small growth that hangs from your skin. They tend to be quite small and are usually the same colour as your skin. They can vary in size, going from something quite tiny, to a growth which is up to 5cm wide. A skin tag can be found in many areas of the body. They are most commonly found on the neck, underarms, groin and under the breasts, although it is also possible to find them on the eyelids or under the folds of the buttocks. These tend to be areas where the skinfolds and rubs against itself.

They tend to be smooth and soft and are not contagious. Skin tags are made up of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels and can be found on both men and women. They can sometimes be more common in older people, or those who are obese or have type 2 diabetes. Skin tags can also be common in pregnant women thanks to the changes in hormone levels.

It is not known what causes skin tags and whilst they are harmless, it can lead to them catching on clothing or jewelry.

perfect results

Let's talk more about Skin Tag Removal

Removing skin tags

It is important that you never attempt to remove a skin tag yourself if you do not know what you are
doing as this can be painful and could possibly lead to bleeding and infections. Skin tags cannot be
removed by a GP and so anyone who wants to have one removed will need to seek out private
treatment through people such as Julia O’Dwyer. She has clinics across Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and
London which all adhere to the very highest standards of hygiene.
Julia will book a free consultation with you to look at the skin tag that you wish to have removed.
She will be able to advise you about the treatment and answer any questions that you may have.
She can also provide you with appropriate aftercare advice to make sure that you can keep the
affected area well looked after, and any signs that you need to look out for. It is a completely safe
treatment that will be carried out in a clinical environment by a trusted professional.
Your skin tag removal treatment can be a quick and safe way to permanently remove the growth
from any part of your body. Get in touch now to book your consultation with Julia.

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