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Have you started to notice a few extra lines and wrinkles? Is your skin looking duller, saggier or older than it used to? Then Mesotherapy could be the treatment you are looking for!

Mesotherapy is a treatment that can help a vast number of skin conditions from ageing to scarring and pigmentation. Its targeted active solution creates a quick reaction to either repair the skin or dissolve fat. It has a quick recovery time whilst offering great results, making it popular with a whole range of people.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy might seem like a new buzzword, but it was actually developed nearly 70 years ago by a French doctor as a pain relief treatment. These days, it is more popular for removing fat, reducing cellulite, reducing wrinkles, tightening skin and treating pigmentation issues. 

perfect results

Let's talk more about Mesotherapy

What happens during a treatment?

During the treatment, you will receive a series of injections from a very fine needle, at depths of between 1-4mm. As these needles penetrate the middle layer of the skin, they can help to correct problems like poor circulation and inflammation that can go on to cause skin damage.  The needles contain a special skincare solution, packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help boost the skin. This powerful skincare cocktail helps to nourish the skin and stimulates the natural processes of the body to boost the production of collagen and elastin.

When will I see results?

Your skin will start to glow almost immediately, and it will feel refreshed and soft. For the best results, you will probably need more than one treatment. A course of 6 treatments spaced two to four weeks a part is recommended, and a couple of maintenance treatments after this will help to make the results last up to a year. This clever procedure helps the skin to be more radiant, hydrated and firmer. It also helps to improve the texture, flush out toxins and treat acne scarring, making it a treatment that everyone can benefit from! 

This non-invasive treatment has little to no downtime, making it the perfect cocktail for your skin!

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