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Bio Revitalisation

Revitalise your skin the biological way with Skin Boost Bio Revitalisation Therapy. This amazing non-surgical treatment helps to fight the signs of ageing and smooth the complexion to leave your skin looking healthy, bright and younger.

It is minimally invasive and uses a higher concentration of Hyaluronic Acid than microneedling, providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support for the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and whilst results can last 3-4 weeks, a course of treatments can make this last for up to six months.

perfect results

Let's talk more about Bio Revitalisation

What is Bio Revitalisation?

Developed by Italian scientists, this incredible therapy uses Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to plump and hydrate the skin. Tiny doses of these skin heroes are injected into the upper layer of the skin to stimulate to body’s natural processes. It will help to boost the natural collagen production of the skin which helps to keep it looking plump, smooth and youthful.

Hyaluronic Acid offers the ultimate in rehydration and skin stimulation, so you will see a significant improvement in the quality of your skin. It is a natural substance found in the skin, so it’s reintroduction helps to kick-start the body into maintaining proper moisture levels and producing collagen.

What happens during the treatment?

After your consultation, we will clean the skin and begin the process of injecting the skin. Whilst the treatment is not painful, you may feel a little stinging at this point. The treatment is completed with the application of a soothing cream to reduce any irritation. 

What will my skin look like after the treatment?

When your treatment is complete, your skin will appear plumper, moisturised and balanced, but the good news doesn’t end there. In the weeks that follow the treatment, you will see the process of dermal regeneration take place. The extracellular matrix of the skin is strengthened, leaving it looking tighter, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkle, dark circles and treating pigmentation problems as well as dull or dry skin. For the best possible results, we recommend a course of three treatments a month apart.

Your treatment will be carried out by a skin expert who has been thoroughly trained to ensure that you are in safe and effective hands.

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